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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kaepernick to get off his knees--his job is done

His parents may have misspelled his name when they dubbed him Colin Kaepernick. They may have meant to name him Colon, as in that part of the body up past the nether regions. Anyway, the impotent backup QB for the San Francisco 49ers is back in the news now that Donald Trump is in the White House and the country has healed.

At least Kaepernick believes he can now stand for the National Anthem because the country has healed from the previous presidency under apparent nation-divider, Barack Hussein Obama. 

You remember Colin--he was the center of attention last year when he refused to stand for the anthem in the name of social wokeness, a word a 2-year-old might invent for lack of an adult vocabulary. So he and a few of his fellow social cretins took a knee in the name of social injustice toward African-Americans in Democratic-run cities. 

And a country led by an African-American "Christian."

The nation watched as Kaepernick and his hair heroically went down on one knee, for which the leftist media and Democrats praised him, along with his girlfriend who told him what to do.

Kaepernick even received an inspiration and courage award from his team, while our military was deployed across the globe earning a tiny fraction of what he undeservedly made in pay.

An award for taking a knee showed courage, which is another word for bravery, which has been misdefined by leftists for decades. 

Even Bruce (aka Caitlyn) Jenner got rewarded for courage for wearing women's clothing over his junk while our military risk their lives. Jenner admitted that he was hesitant about 'sex reassignment surgery' saying that "Gender confirmation surgery is something I think anybody in my position . . . " 

In other words, Jenner believes that once his penis is surgically removed and his crotch is made to sort of look like that of a woman, that confirms he's a woman. 

Courageous and heroic, and just a bit mentally ill.

But as usual, I digress.

According to Adam Schefter and other ESPN sources, Colin has decided to no longer get on his knee during the anthem starting next season, when he will be a free agent with little effectiveness as a QB. And while some unwoke folks believe that this is merely a media ploy, I believe he believes the world has become a better place because of his bravery and because we now have a new president who will fight for him and other less fortunate and oppressed minorities.

Trump has helped us to heal, I believe Kaepernick is saying. We no longer are divided by race as we were under Obama. Because of Donald Trump, we are now a nation of one people--the American people.

Kaepernick might even become the QB for the New York Jets, the President's hometown team.

It's a wonderful world we live in, now that Colin and Donald have changed it from the way Obama made it.