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Thursday, March 9, 2017

FBI's mole hunters going after CIA leaker

Hopefully Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, will one day get caught outside the sanctuary of London's Ecuadorian embassy that's housing him and be brought to the US to stand trial. 

Within 24 hours since WikiLeaks published what they call the "entire hacking capacity of the CIA," the FBI launched a criminal probe to determine who the mole is that provided them with the documents.

According to experts tracking down this traitor will be quite difficult, but not impossible.

The 2010 leak by Army Pvt. Bradley (aka Chelsea) Manning forced Pres. Obama to create a group dedicated to tracking down and catching government leakers. Manning was caught after revealing the extent of his actions to an American hacker who later testified against him. Soon after that, Obama announced the creation of the National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF).

Since being incarcerated, Manning announced that he believes he's a woman and plans to have surgery to remove his male genitals in order to reinforce the fallacy. For now, he wears a wig and lipstick and tries to speak several octaves higher than he did in the past, and only sings in falsetto.

Hopefully, FoxNews.com will come to its senses about Manning and not go along with his nonsense in the future.

According to its website, the NITTF was formed "to prevent, deter and detect compromises of classified information by malicious insiders."

The NITTF pointed out in a tweet this week that "all of the firewalls in the world won't stop an insider who is already on the inside of these firewalls." 

Just ask Edward Snowden.

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