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Thursday, March 9, 2017

300 refugees under FBI radar

Over 300 refugees admitted to the United States as refugees are currently subjects of FBI counterterrorism investigations involving the Islamic State. These include individuals from the countries on President Trump's revised travel ban.

The Trump order temporarily bans travel to individuals without valid visas from Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Yemen. Iraq was on the original list but has since been removed.

About one third of the 1,000 FBI domestic terrorism case involved people admitted here as refugees, a DSHS official said. Some of the 300 refugees came to "infiltrate" the U.S. and others were radicalized once they were here. However, the current immigration status of the 300 weren't detailed by the government source.

FBI Director James Comey revealed last year that about 1,000 terror-related investigations were ongoing, and probes were active in every state. The Monday revelation marked the first official linkage between the refugee program and terrorism.

John Kelly, Homeland Security secretary said Monday's revised travel ban was a key to ensuring the refugee program is conducted safely.

"We must undertake a rigorous review of our visa and refugee vetting programs to increase our confidence in the entry decisions we make for visitors and immigrants to the United States," he said. "We cannot risk the prospects of malevolent actors using our immigration system to take American lives."

Something that former President Obama and Canada's PM Justin Trudeau apparently don't see as a problem. Perhaps their personal security staff eases their minds.