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Friday, March 3, 2017

Are the Democrats colluding with Russia against the Trump administration?

Is Sergey Kislyak working for the Democratic Party? Nobody seems to be asking this obvious question.

Why would the top Democrats be calling out Attorney General Jeff Sessions for meeting with Kislyak on two occasions while they've also met with him on several occasions?

Did Chuck Schumer just talk about coffee and doughnuts to Putin when he came to New York to visit a gas station? Do you really think Putin came all the way to the U.S. just to see a gas station with Chuck Schumer tagging along, or do you think there may be more to the visit than meets the eye?

Sergey Kislyak has met with U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle but the left is pretending otherwise.

And when the Washington Post first wrote about the Sessions hearing, where the failed comedian, Sen. Al Franken, asked him about whether he spoke with the Russian ambassador while involved in Trump's campaign, why did the Washington Post write about the questioning, but not quote the actual question Franken asked Sessions?

Kislyak met with seven then-Democratic senators in a 2013 single sit-down, among other discussions, and he was a frequent visitor to the Obama White House.

What did he speak about with Obama? Was it about Obama having 'more flexibility'? Was this the former president's long-term plan for when he was out of office? A landmine, so to speak?

As I previous blogged, Claire McCaskill attacked Sessions, but she also met with Kislyak, as did all the Democrats pictured above. 

Sessions claimed in the confirmation hearing that he had no "communications" with Russian officials during his time as a Trump surrogate. That was the problem the Democrats pointed to, but Sessions rejects the idea that he misled Congress saying that he answered the question in the context of campaign-related discussions. He was not saying he never met with the Russian official in the context of his position as a Senator and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Like McCaskill, Jeff Sessions was merely 'doing his homework.'

In summary, I believe the Democrats are colluding with the Russians to get rid of Trump and his people. The idea that the left is going further and further in that direction and will soon be indistinguishable from communism may not be proof, but it sure is grist for the mill.

I say investigate Schumer and every other Democrat who met with Kislyak. And that includes Obama.