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Friday, February 17, 2017

Yale Student Group wants fraternities to admit women, sororities get free pass

It's an American scholastic orchiectomy at Yale. A student group of non-studs will use Title IX to force university fraternities into admitting women. On the other side, sororities are let off the hook and will not have to admit men.

Engender, a castrating group of students at Yale claims it will lobby the school and they supposedly aren't kidding, citing Title iX which prohibits discrimination based on gender, and internal Yale policies against discrimination, to issue sanctions against male-only fraternities.

Wee Willy McGrew, a co-director of the organization (they always have co-directors and no director directors because they are all equal in the eyes of Karl Marx) told Yale News that it's a "logical next step" to approach the Yale administration "because all of these organizations fall under the purview of Yale legally, either because they are registered as Yale organization or it is literally all Yale students that constitute them."

Willy is obviously somebody with too much anger, too much hate and too much time on his wee hands. He's a figurative accident looking for someplace to happen.

The group's myriad co-directors said that allowing only men to join fraternities (the word 'brotherhood' comes from Latin which is 'fraternitati fieri') is a form of sex discrimination, just as a mens room, at present, excludes women from entering as well. Willy said the school has a responsibility to address the issue as it falls under Title IX and Yale's policies about gender discrimination.

The Willy McGrew group has no official position on female-only sororities. The misandrist twinkie nibbler said that unlike fraternities, exclusively female groups are intimate associations and don't affect social trends at the university in the same manner.

So what? It's still discrimination by his feeble definition.

A conservative group, ICUPN, is fighting for men to be allowed into the Ladies Rooms on campus.