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Thursday, February 16, 2017

President holds presser at White House, big league

President Trump held a presser at the White House and said that he has "inherited a mess, a mess," adding that jobs are leaving the country, "going to Mexica and other places," but assures the American people that he will take care of it.

As usual, he also attacked the media calling them "dishonest," but hopes that the relationship will change.

He said that he also inherited ISIS and it has "spread like cancer," and that it was another mess. He vows to rebuild the military and hopes we will never have to use it, but "our country will never have had the military, like the military we will have." He explained that the military equipment is old and "depleted." 

Mr. Trump said that he is keeping his campaign promises to the American people even though some appear to be surprised. 

He then spoke again about how he received 306 electoral votes and how it was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan.

He said that he will be in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday and "I heard the crowds will be massive, massive."

Regulations will be dealt with, he said. As he vowed, when any new regulation is put in place, two old regulations will be eliminated.

Overall, Mr. Trump trumpeted his accomplishments including law enforcement, jobs and the problems with illicit drugs. He also discussed how he is in the process of building the promised wall and how it's going to be "a great wall," and that the prices will come down. It will not be a "nonexistent" wall, or a wall that is "a joke."

He pointed out how the court system is not making it easy for his administration to keep the country safe against Islamic terrorism. He alluded to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and how their rulings have been overturned "in record numbers."

He plans to "drain the swamp" by imposing the 5-year lobbying ban and eliminate foreign lobbyists altogether.

He will eliminate the "bleeding of jobs away from out country" and said that jobs have already started to surge. Ford and Chrysler will be investing millions of dollars in the country.

In other words, nothing new was discussed except for the fact that he will be issuing a new executive order regarding the immigration ban.

Then the press questioned the president.

Regarding Michael Flynn, Trump said he asked for his resignation and he respectfully gave it. He called the reporting about it was "fake news."