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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Some eyebrows steal from other cultures

A "deep" student at Louisiana State University wrote a piece for the Daily Reveille explaining that white women styling their eyebrows to make them look fuller is an example of cultural appropriation.

The student, Lynne Bunch, wrote "Current American eyebrow culture also shows a prime example of the cultural appropriation in the country. The trend right now is thick brows, and although a lot of ethnic women have always had bushy, harder-to-maintain eyebrows, it has only become trendy now that white women have started to do it."

But what about "hair culture?"

Don't white women generally tend to have straight hair? Some of them even have blond hair. 

Then it should stand to reason that people from other cultures have been appropriating from their culture throughout the world.

There are people in Asia with naturally black hair who dye it blond or even go all out redhead.

Some black women and black men straighten their hair and appropriate from white culture.

The pseudo intellect Bunch added: "Eyebrow culture is too intense and too unforgiving, and a person's beauty should be defined by the individual, not by what society considers trendy." 

So why not let the individual decide what they want to do with their own damn eyebrows?

But really, who cares?

I guess Lynne Bunch cares because she's got nothing else to offer society but foolish, totally useless opinions that do nothing but drive a wedge between people who are stupid enough to believe that crap in the first place.

White people, bad. All other people, good.

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