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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Second day of protests against Trump's executive order

Demonstrators gathered at the White House and many of the  country's airports continue to protest President Trump's executive order placing a temporary travel restriction on those coming from seven terrorist-spawning countries and halting the acceptance of refugees who cannot be adequately vetted.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) referred to Trump's executive order as a "reckless, unconstitutional, unsavory, un-American effort." But not when Obama wrote and executive order keeping Iraqis from entering the US for six months, rather than the three that Trump called for. But he may be correct in saying that it's unconstitutional--both Trump and Obama may have gone too far, but the hypocrisy of Jeffries is palpable.

"If this order was really about trying to make America the safest country it can be, then why were some countries left off the order? Most notably Saudi Arabia?" he said in a news conference at JFK. "Is it because the Trump organization exists in Saudi Arabia?"

I agree with the question Jeffries asks but I don't agree with his possible hypothesis. It isn't about Trump as to why the Saudis are not on the list--it's about other issues that I discuss here.

Cory Booker, (aka the man who would be POTUS) spoke to demonstrators at Dulles International Airport earlier Sunday and said he would also go to Newark Airport and hopefully voters will remember that in 2020. 

"The entire executive order is a farce," Jeffries said. "It's a smokescreen. It has nothing to do with trying to keep this country safe."

Perhaps Jeffries believes that taking in refugees is a way to keep us safe. He needs to visit Germany, France, Sweden and the Netherlands for starters. 

It isn't known if these demonstrators are being paid to protest a la George the Socialist Soros. My guess is they are, unless they don't have jobs and hope to be hired by Soros in the future.

Outside the White House a crowd chanted "No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here," except where they live. They also chanted "no wall, no ban." It was all prefaced with "hey, hey, ho, ho, yadda, yadda's gotta go."