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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Morocco bans the burka

In an effort to reduce crime, Morocco has banned the wearing of the traditional Islamic burka and niqab worn by religious Muslim women, and religious Muslim men who are willing to commit suicide to kill infidels and win their way into Paradise.

The burka also makes a great disguise--you cannot tell who's underneath. It can be a woman or a man with a plan.

So the country has banned the production and sale of the full-face veils for security reasons.

It has been reported that the ban was imposed due to reports felons have been using burkas to help carry out their crimes without being identified.

Burkas also make a lovely addition to both men and women with an affinity of self detonation in the name of Allah.

Most women in Morocco, whose King Mohammed VI (would you have guessed that name if I didn't tell you?) favors the hijab which doesn't cover the face, prefer that to a burka, a cloth coffin designed to discourage randy Muslim men from acting on their id impulses.

Moroccan fragrance scientists were the ones who invented the camel-inspired perfume Beneath the Burka. Sold mainly to Islamic State jihadists and the Taliban, it has become the number one perfume preferred by Islamic extremists, and it's potable.