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Sunday, January 22, 2017

John Kerry lobbied to get terror group removed from UAE's terrorist list

Former Secretary of State and Vietnam War self-proclaimed hero, John Kerry, secretly lobbied to get the Hamasshole-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS) to be removed from the United Arab Emirates' terrorist organization list. These groups were among 83 outed for their connections to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

It's public knowledge that the MB has met with Barack Hussein Obama in the White House in spite of their reputation that was easily observed when Egypt's Morsi tried to take total control of Egypt and make it a Sharia-compliant theocracy against the will of the people.

Once CAIR officials were put on the UAE's list, they became incensed and immediately tried getting their terrorist-affiliated organization taken off the list. Their 'go-to guy' turned out to be John Kerry.

Kerry authorized State Department officials to meet regularly with UAE officials in order to lobby on behalf of CAIR and MAS.

CAIR and other Islamic organizations that would like to see Sharia come to our shores, already had Obama's heartstrings, and this included the State Department that had openly legitimized the full spectrum of radical Islamic groups posing as religious or civil rights groups like CAIR and MAS both do. In fact, CAIR touts itself to be "the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization."

But the reality is very different.

Take a few minutes to check out the Brigitte Gabriel vid and see for yourself.

At a daily State Department presser two days after the UAE released its terror organization list, a spokes dhimmie for State said that they don't "consider CAIR or MAS to be terrorist groups" but that it was seeking more information from the UAE about their decision, adding that "as part of our routing engagement with a broad spectrum of faith based organizations, a range of U.S. government officials have met with officials of CAIR and MAS. We at the State Department regularly meet with a wide range of faith based groups to hear their views even if some of their views expressed at times are controversial."

Which means that sometimes they want to destroy Israel and all the world's Jews and Christians, sometimes they just want to pray, depending on the weather.

But really, by State making such a statement affirms the Obama Administration's policy of embracing Islamic extremist groups but calling them "faith based groups."

CAIR, MAS, ISNA and many other groups are all arms of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Before he was Executive Director for CAIR, Nihad Awad was the public relations director for the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a Hamas propaganda arm in the USA. In a 2001 Immigration and Naturalization Service memo, it documents IAP's support for Hamas and said the "facts strongly suggest" that IAP was "part of Hamas' propaganda apparatus."

IAP was part of the "Palestine Committee," created by the MB to support Hamas both financially and politically. CAIR was added to the Palestine Committee's roster right after its 1994 creation.

The FBI, in a letter to former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) explained that "until we [the FBI] can resolve whether there continues to be a connection between CAIR or its executives and HAMAS, the FBI does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner."

Only Obama and his administration did.