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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Germany rejects "almost all" asylum applications from Christians

It isn't as if Germany is doing anything the United States wouldn't do--or didn't do under Barack Obama. 

Just like we admitted thousands of Muslim refugees and only a couple of Christians, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government is doing the same social engineering than actual humanitarian relief. She wants to "fundamentally transform" German society by bringing in a refugee contingency among whom are covert Islamic extremists and Sharia supremacists, and she is doing it in droves. 

One can say that Merkel has blood on her hands from jihadi attacks like the one in Berlin on December 19th last year killing 12 and injuring dozens more. 

But the really disturbing fact is that Germany is rejecting "almost all" applications for asylum of Christian refugees and this is the one group that is most victimized in the world right now.

Christian refugees thought the found a safe refuge when they fled their homelands and arrived in Germany, but what they learned was that their hopes for asylum are being "hijacked" in "kangaroo" courts as they face deportation back to the horrors that drove them out of their countries in the first place, explained Dr. Gottfried Martens.

Martens is pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Berlin and he revealed that the German government is rejecting almost all applications for asylum from most of his church's Afghan and Iranian refugee congregation. 

They have waited years for the government to hear their cases but many are now receiving deportation notices. So while Merkel, like Obama, pretends to be a humanitarian, she is not showing it toward Christians.

Pastor Martens said that if migrants can show that they would face persecution if sent home to a Muslim country, it increases their chances of staying. They can do this by simply proving they are Christian or have converted to Christianity. 

But the problem with this is that the Muslim translators are "hijacking" their asylum applications by deliberately misquoting them during their "kangaroo court" asylum hearings, making it look as if their conversion was fake. This then leads to an application rejection and subsequent deportation. 

Taqiyya . . . Google it.

Martens explained how Christian migrants are harassed and often violently attacked in refugee shelters. This is especially true for Muslim converts to Christianity. The Koran tells Muslims to kill apostates.