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Monday, January 16, 2017

BLM: "MLK was a bad dude, yo"

In an effort to try maintaining their relevance, the Black Lives Matter racists want to "reclaim" the actual values of Martin Luther King Jr., and remake him under their image: a forceful radical. That's the same kind of thinking that was used on a plaque at Northeast Illinois University stating that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.

Just because Black Lives Matter would like Dr. King to have been a radical, does not make him a radical. He was a man who, through peaceful protests, was able to pursue equality for black people throughout the country. 

The Chicago branch of BLM pushed the #ReclaimMLK hashtag on Twitter, speaking for him with their claim that Martin Luther King Day would allow activists (read: 'anarchists') to "engage about the real radical King they don't want you to know about."

Yes, sure--King kept his radical side secret from the public and only told a handful of yet unborn radicals (who would look like grow ups and become BLM anarchists) that he was radical.

"We do King a disservice when we try to tell a flat story of turning the other cheek," Charlene Carruthers, the 31-year-old/IQ national director of the Black Youth Project 100 in Chicago. 

No, Ms. Carruthers--you do Doctor King a disservice by a) not referring to him properly by his honorific; and b) not discussing this with his actual family and those who actually knew him personally to understand what they believe he thought of your activism and perhaps what he might have thought about Black Lives Matter.

In fact, Doctor King's niece, Dr. Alveda King, told Fox News that protesters shouldn't push his civil disobedience victories into the background. "Let's discuss racism from a peace with justice perspective," she tweeted.

But black youth prefer a more forceful King over the Nobel Peace Prize-winning person who preached love over hate. In our 'instant gratification society', they may think that radicalism is a quicker method to achieving their goals, but the opposite is more likely true.