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Friday, December 16, 2016

What's the deal with Pocahontas Warren?

Sen. Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren (D-Mass.) was a favorite of the left because when you think of socialism and dishonesty, Warren comes to mind. But lately she and the Democratic Party aren't dancing so well together and some liberals are confused about her positions on issues.

Warren is known for her progressive backwardness like Wall Street reform and minimum wage hikes. She hit some opposition, however, when she split with Obama and congressional Democrats this month when she withdrew support for a huge $6.3 billion health care bill that she helped write!  

The bill, "21st Century Cures Act" passed in the Senate earlier this month and was signed by Obama on Tuesday. It increases funding for disease research and the opioid addiction battle, and reforms the way medical devices and drugs are reviewed and authorized by the FDA.

In addition, the bill provides money for Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative and VP Biden's "Cancer Moonshot," along with millions of dollars for Alzheimer research.

But Pocahontas opposed the bill and argued the latest version has been overtaken by greedy pharmaceutical companies and didn't do enough to push down drug prices. See, Warren wants the government to control prices and thus the markets--this is why I refer to her as a socialist.

She admonished her fellow leftists during a floor speech saying the vote was an early test of the party's ability to stand up to Republicans. She "did a Trump" on Twitter where she advised Democrats to "Show some spine & fight back."

The bill passed 94 - 5 in spite of her tweets. Brooklyn's own Bernie Sanders also opposed the bill because it didn't punish businesses enough and helped bolster "Wall Schtreet."

Although some said she was too combative in the 21st Century Cures Act debate, other said she should've spoken sooner on the Standing Rock/Dakota Access Pipeline fight. 

Up on Harvard she rides
She would have made the perfect political advocate for the native Americans and could have arrived at the protest on her trusty palomino "Harvard."

But she didn't show and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and thousands of others have been protesting the 1,200 mile pipeline that runs through four states to carry oil from western North Dakota to Illinois. In fact, she kept quiet for months and when she issued a statement months later, she caught a lot of flak online.

"You're about 10 months late for the party. You're a phony. Stop acting like you care," some posted on her Facebook page.

Another wrote: "Waiting until the last minute to say or do anything, just like you did in the primary. You're not a leader. You're pathetic."

And when Warren endorsed Crooked Hillary over Bernie, people went ballistic.

Will Warren run in 2020?

Hindsight is.