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Friday, December 16, 2016

Taxpayer-funded psychotherapy to cope with Trump win

Oh, perish the thought . . . Hillary Clinton lost the election and Donald Trump won the presidential election. Oh good grief, Trump is going to be our next president.

What to do? What to do? I'm all twisted up inside and scared. I hear voices saying horrible things: "amazing!" "fantastic!" "unbelievable!" And it's always in italics those words. "Yes,and we're going to build a wall . . . and who's going to pay for it?"  and then comes that scary response: "Mexico!"

It's depressing. So depressing that I worry I might hurt myself. Oh god, where's my safe space? Where did it go? I'm melting . . . I'm melting . . . I'm melting.
Actual frightening New Yorkers

Leftist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio knows that feeling of not getting things to go his way, like when the NYPD turned their back on him at a city ceremony, showing him how little they respect him. But now he is offering other people's money for "free" psychotherapy sessions to help the little city snowflakes deal with their disappointment, proving once again the immorality of socialism and morons like this so-called mayor.

If you can't deal with American democracy, perhaps you need to go to a country that suits your political philosophy. I'd suggest Cuba, Venezuela, Russia or North Korea for starters.

De Blasio, is telling mentally fragile New Yorkers (and let me assure you having been born and raised in the city that there are plenty to go around) if they feel any potential instability or weakness from within that makes them believe they cannot deal with how the American democratic election turned out, or that their feelings are hurt, or they're easily injured mentally and don't have the internal coping skills to deal with the situation and continue fighting for their leftist agenda, there's free hope for them.

De Blasio wants the people to be dependent on government; that's why poverty is highest in Democratically-controlled cities like Detroit, Chicago and yes, even New York. (It's just better hidden in the Big Apple because the rich serve as camoflage.) When anything doesn't work out for them, the state will help, from food stamps to rent control to subsidized housing.

It's interesting to think that De Blasio feels the need to offer New Yorkers coping assistance after we have been capable of dealing with 911 and all kinds of garbage before he ever came along.

He is the worst mayor ever to hold office in New York City actually suggesting that people need to consider how the democratic process has injured them. If they need to lie on the therapy couch, well the rest of the taxpayers can foot the bill.

But his obstinance and arrogance is palpable--he can handle it, but the rest of New York can use the help.

What a douche.