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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We got the drone back from China

China has returned the underwater drone that they "ripped" out of the water in plain sight of our US Navy vessel in the South China Sea near the Philippines. 

This is considered by many,  an act of war. The taking of this underwater vehicle in international waters has triggered a diplomatic protest and speculation over whether it would strengthen Donald Trump's hand as he is apparently ready to take a tougher line with China.

China's defense ministry said the drone was given back to the U.S. on Tuesday. "After friendly consultations between Chinese and U.S. sides, the handover work for the U.S. underwater drone was smoothly completed in relevant waters in the South China Sea at midday," the ministry said, but declined to give specifics when contacted by Reuters.

The Pentagon said the drone was handed over to the guided missile destroyer USS Mustin near where it was "unlawfully seized." They called on China to comply with international law and refrain from a repeat performance.

President-elect Donald Trump said that China should keep the drone. Perhaps he believes they've put a virus in the electronics. Perhaps he was just being Donald Trump.