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Monday, December 12, 2016

US confirms: another IS assassin killed

His beard was home to untold crawly creatures and he only smiled when he saw someone dying in pain. His name was Boubaker al-Hakim but his friends called him . . . nothing . . . he had no friends.

He was a bad man, a very bad man who, if they gave college courses on the subject, he would have a PhD in terrorism.

The State Department confirmed that al-Hakim, a French-Tunisian Islamic State leader, was killed in Raqqa, Syria on Nov. 26th, when a bomb blew him to hell.

In a statement on Dec. 10, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said of al-Hakim that he was ' "longtime terrorist with deep ties to French and Tunisian Jihadist elements." He said al-Hakim was tied to the caliphate's external operations arm, and said that his death "degrades" the Islamic State's "ability to conduct further attacks in the West," denying ISIS "a veteran extremist with extensive ties."

Al-Hakim had an interview with the Islamic State's Dabiq magazine and admitted in 2015 that he had killed a Tunisian politician and knew the jihadist who killed a second one. That's how jihadists like to brag.

In the interview he bragged about killing Mohammed Brahmi, the head of the People's Movement party, on July 25, 2013. 

"We stayed four hours in front of the home of this tyrant, waiting, until he left the home and entered his car," al-Hakim told Dabiq. "I then moved towards him and killed him by shooting ten bullets at him."

So al-Hakim saw himself as a "tyrant killer." What a hero of Allah this guy was, but alas, he's gone and his odor lingers on.