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Monday, December 12, 2016

Iran stages massive military exercises

Iran has grabbed its symbolic crotch, rolled its symbolic shoulders and conducted a series of symbolic war-drills designed to scare us in the West with their military "supremacy." They are showing us that they are prepared to attack forces stationed in the Persian Gulf region, according to Iranian military leaders and their state-run media reports.

The war drill began on Sunday in southeastern Iran and went into Monday. Ground and air forces along with unmanned drones were part of the forces. The war exercises coincided with the public release by the largest state sponsor of terrorism, of a new unmanned drone.

The Iran military leaders grabbed their collective crotches and warned that if the US took any provocative action in the region they would counter with a swift military response.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran's military forces enjoy supremacy over the Persian Gulf region more than any other time," Brig. Gen. Massoud "Jazzy" Jazzayeri, the deputy chief of staff of Iran's Armed Forces said. "The military and security conditions of the Persian Gulf are in a way that the enemy's forces and equipment are fully within the range of the Iranian military men."

The drills are expected to go until Wednesday. Iran is introducing a new jamming system they claim is capable of bringing down enemy drones.

Iran fired "several rockets" at two targets stationed in the Sea of Oman.

John Kerry and Barack Obama remain in hiding.