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Monday, December 26, 2016

Turkey arrests 1,656 social media users

Istanbul -- Authorities have formally arrested 1,656 people over the past six months for allegedly supporting terrorist organizations or insulting government officials on social media. They are also investigating over 10,000 others, according to the Interior Ministry.

Turkey does not have the same rights that we sort of still have here, as presented in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and freedom of speech or expression isn't protected. Of course, with the way liberals are trying to call all free speech 'hate speech,' it may merely be a matter of time when the U.S. will resemble other European or even Middle Eastern countries.

In a statement released by the Interior Ministry, it said that legal action had been taken against 3,710 people identified by police. Of those arrested, 1,203 were released on probation, 767 were released and 84 are still being held.

The charges include: provoking hatred among the people; praising terrorist organizations; disseminating terrorist propaganda; openly declaring allegiance to terrorist groups; insulting statements (such as: "Erdogan's breath smells like a bicycle seat on a hot summer day") and targeting the indivisibility of the state or safety of citizens.

Personally, I have no problem how they're dealing with issues regarding actual terrorism or those groups involved in it, but it looks as if Turkish leadership wants to take away all rights to free expression.

Turkey declared a state of emergency after a failed coup in July. Thousands of people were detained, and tens of thousands of public servants were purged over alleged ties to outlawed groups.

Human rights groups and Western governments have expressed concern over the crackdown, which some believe is targeting political opponents and critics, much like American college campuses target straight white conservative students, free speech and Israel. But Ankara claims the action they're taking are necessary precautions in the fight against terrorism across the country.

As global immigration soars, we will likely see more crime and acts of terrorism in the future.