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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Nutty Professor hides from the other nuts

LaLa Land -- The nuts are going after another nut, in this case, the California psychology professor who told her students the Donald Trump's election was an "act of terrorism."

Olga Perez [Un]Stable Cox, at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, has fled the state and has gone into hiding after a video of her rant (secretly recorded by one of her students) went viral on Facebook. 

Cox taught human sexuality at the college but after the video came out, she was getting death threats, the Orange County Register reported. The union representing Cox said she and the school received over a thousand emails and Cox also received threatening phone calls.

One crazy email read: "You want communism, go to Cuba . . . try to bring it to America and we'll put a [expletive] bullet in your face."

You want freedom of speech, go to hell. That's basically what it means to threaten someone for saying something stupid. 

Another lunatic, taking a liberal-ish position (like the one used to publicize the home addresses of cops by a Long Island, NY newspaper) emailed her describing her as a "nutcase" and promised to make her home address public.

Yes, Cox is a nutcase, but what kind of person is the emailer?

Unfortunately, the people who attacked Cox are the same people who say they support the Constitution. 

They don't.

"Our nation is divided," Cox said, "We have been assaulted. It is an act of terrorism," she told her students. "One of the most frightening things for me and most people in my life is that the people creating the assault are among us." 

She said that the presidential campaign and its outcome has left the country deeply divided "as clearly as it was in Civil War times."

Many students were offended by her comments and the Young Republicans appropriately filed a formal complaint and circulated a petition to have her fired. (I agree with filing the complaint but firing is extreme and something the left calls for all too often. I would have her warned that politics has no place in human sexuality class.)

On Monday, several hundred students and faculty members gathered on campus to support Cox, carrying signs advocating free speech. 

Of course, this is leftist BS hypocrisy--they hate free speech when it comes from conservatives, but they're correct, it is a free speech issue. However, it is also a school policy issue and a teaching issue. 

Some students said that they weren't upset so much over what Cox said, but in the fact that she was pushing her political views in a classroom setting. "This has nothing to do with free speech. It's a professor overstepping her profession," Vincent Wetzel told the media. 

Cox is expected to return to the classroom after Christmas and New Years holidays.

Nobody has the right to threaten her life just because they disagree with her--that only proves her stupid point of us being divided. And calling any American election a form of terrorism is not only stupid and inaccurate, it dilutes what real terrorism is.