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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kim Jong un drinks like a fish with half the memory

Kim Jong un doesn't know his limit. When he drinks, he passes out and then forgets who he wanted to execute. That isn't good for his reputation of being a dictator, especially for the guy who put the "dic" in dictator.

In September, Kim overindulged on booze when he ordered several of his top military leaders to write apology letters with a critique of themselves, the Japanese media reported.

The inebriated fat man allegedly told the top military brass in an all-night reprimand: "That none of you were able to produce not even one military satellite is a misconduct that is commensurate to treason . . . hic."

However, the next morning, Kim was sobered up and asked why the elderly officials were at his villa. He obviously forgot what he said during his drunken rant.

"Why are you gathered here?" he asked. "Be careful about your health because you are all old."

Upon hearing Kim's words, the military men began weeping, which pleased the fat dictator.

"They were relieved because they thought they were going to be purged," an anonymous source told Tokyo Shimbun. "Everyone is showing loyalty out of fear of being executed and no one dares speak against Kim."

Kim rose to power in 2011 following the death of his father. There has been steady progress in nuclear and missile program development in spite of the admonishment and sanctions.

In August, Kim Jong un announced that North Korea is "fully equipped with nuclear attack capability." This announcement came after a submarine missile launch. He was probably boasting but tests indicate the North may have medium-range missiles capable of reaching our bases in the Pacific in the next couple of years.

Hopefully, Kim will drink himself to death or someone will take him out before that happens and replace him with a normal human being.

Sorry Dennis Rodman.