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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Textbook pulled saying some slaves treated like family

Norwalk, CT. -- According to a social studies textbook, some Connecticut slaves were treated like family, not possessions. 

The text is titled: "The Connecticut Adventure."

Depicting white people as compassionate to slaves was too much for public school officials to tolerate and the text was pulled from the classrooms after a parent raised concerns about its depiction of slavery. 

The book by John W. Ifkovic was published in 2001. In one chapter on slavery in Connecticut it states: "Compared to other colonies, Connecticut did not have many slaves. Some people owned one or two slaves. They often cared for and protected them like members of the family. They taught them to be Christian, and sometimes to read and write."

How dare Ifkovic state such facts! 

District spokesliberal, Brenda Wilcox Williams, said the book had been used for several years at 10 of the 12 Norwalk schools. The concerns about the factual content were brought to the attention of district liberal officials November 29th and bam! within a week it was pulled. 

"When it wqas brought to our attention it was pretty clear it wasn't consistent with our core beliefs and values," Williams said, referring to their values that feelings trumps facts and Hillary trumps Trump every time. "We felt it was important to respond quickly as a result of that."

Imagine how horrible it is for liberals to believe that slave owners were simply products of their time and could actually be decent people to their slaves.

Slavery is wrong. Totally wrong. It was a horrible time in our history and should never be repeated, although we still do business with countries, like Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations, where slavery is practiced. 

But if the text is accurately depicting the facts, that many Connecticut slave owners weren't horrible human beings and actually treated slaves somewhat like family, then it should be stated--in spite of how it goes against the liberal agenda.