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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sore losers look to undermine the electoral system

Sore losers like Jill Stein and other anti-Trumpers are pushing as hard as their sad losing bodies can push to invalidate his election with the Electoral College. Ironically, many of them didn't get their sore loser bodies to the polls to actually vote, but that doesn't stop them from trying to undermine the fabric of our electoral system.

Those who actually chose the President-elect, will meet on December 19th to make the results of the 2016 election official. As it stands, Trump won 306 electoral votes (needing 270 to win) and Hillary begrudgingly conceded the election, spoiling her fireworks party plans for Election Day night.

Hillary urged a smooth transition of power, as is the tradition, but a group of electors from Colorado and Washington known as the "Hamilton Electors" is trying to persuade other electors to go against their constituents in their districts, and take the election away from Trump and hand it to Clinton. 

That should start a nice, smooth transition of power--after the smoke clears.

On Monday, Chris Suprun, from Texas, was convinced to act unilaterally in spite of those in the majority in his district who voted for Trump.

Suprun said "I am here to elect a president, not a king," but he is acting as like an autocrat and apparently doesn't understand the difference between a democracy and a republic form of government. 

In fact, he lied when at first he said he'd support Trump.

In order for anti-Trump electors to have their way, they would need 37 electors to switch their vote or abstain. This would then throw the vote on the House and they would select the president.

If this happens, and Trump is no longer our next POTUS, celebrities who have moved out of the United States will likely return . . . all none of them.

Most states bind their electors to the state's popular vote, although Texas doesn't, so this should not be a problem for Trump.

According to Politico, Democratic electors are backing Ohio Governor John "Karate Chop" Kasich who ran an annoying campaign for president.

Suprun said he "would have to strongly consider someone like Kasich who has both executive and legislative experience bringing people together." 

Kasich tweeted that he isn't a candidate and urged electors not to vote for him. He'll have no problem from me.

I think it's about time for the nation to get over it--Trump won and he is who the republic voted for.