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Monday, December 19, 2016

Schadenfreude and Sigmund too

An angry white man
I'm going to miss this period in time. I haven't had this much schadenfreude since Saddam Hussein was caught in a hole and brought to justice.

The Hillary Clinton/Bill Clinton bus has blown all of its tires and it ran out of gas along the Highway of Despair (figuratively speaking, of course).

Now we have Bill Clinton making excuses for his wife's well-earned loss to Donald Trump. It's delicious--a word I really cannot stand to use when it has nothing to do with food--but it seems perfect to describe the utter disbelief that "Crooked Hillary" could possibly lose to a person like Trump, a guy whose normal discourse consists of words with so few syllables, the word "syllable" isn't even in there. The guy who thought 'unpresidented' meant 'unprecedented.' 

Bill mocked Donald's intelligence and said that "angry, white men" helped secure his victory and blamed FBI Director James Comey for Hillary's crushing defeat.

Yes, Bill's partly correct. 

Angry white men did help secure Trump's victory. So did angry white women, angry Hispanics who came to this country legally, angry people who are tired of the "business as usual" nothing-ever-changes politics and politicians, and intelligent young people who see their tuition rising and the quality of their education plummeting along with job growth. 

Being called a "basket full of deplorables" didn't warm us angry white men toward Hillary either, Bill.

James Comey? Really Bill, you could do better than that. I thought it was only Hillary with the deep-seated narcissistic personality disorder. 

If your 'lovely' wife wasn't so arrogant and actually followed the law, there would be no James Comey to kick around over the results of the election. She actually was lucky he didn't recommend indictment, which would have been the appropriate call.

Maybe Comey's timing was ripe for Hillary's defeat, but so was the rise in the cost of ObamaCare. You forgot to mention that, Bill . . . and let's not forget the Russians.

Now your wife's inner circle are trying to put the blame on Huma Abedin for Hillary's loss, not the fact that your 'lovely' wife has the public personality of a shrew.

Anyway Bill, I've heard rumors about you and Hillary and I will not spread them here. I will suggest, however, that people stay tuned to the Bill and Hillary Show.