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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Podesta says Putin wants Trump as his lap dog

'Adolf Eichmann Lookalike Contest' winner, and chairman of the failed presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, claims that Vladimir Putin was "personally involved" in the election email hacking and he knows this because when he hit the link on his computer to see naked photos of the Nigerian princess, and noticed that she looked a lot like Vladimir in drag. It almost made him sick.

The reason Russia did the hacking was because they wanted Trump in office, Podesta whined. They wanted Trump as their "lap dog."

There are plenty of ways one can picture Donald Trump, but as anyone's lap dog doesn't conjure up an image for me. 

Sure, the Donald can be easily manipulated with a kind word, a soft smile, and even a compliment or two, but to get him to do your bidding as your lap dog? Hardly.

"Russia clearly intervened," Podesta complained in a series of carefully worded responses about who was behind the leaked emails that WikiLeaks got its hands on. 

After he was hacked by "the Naked Nigerian Princess," Podesta said the FBI contacted him only once about the hacking. This came 2 days after WikiLeaks began publishing the emails showing the world the kind of scumcrumpets make up the Democratic Party, which is part of the reason Clinton lost.

Podesta wrote "something is deeply broken at the FBI" and said the Russian email hacking was the "political equivalent" of the 9/11 terror attacks, but never said that directly to any of the family-members who lost loved ones that day, shameful POS that he is to make that comparison.

The Russian hacking was bad, very bad, but keep 9/11 out of it unless you're qualified by having been at the targets that day, or lost someone.

Anyway, once Donald Trump takes office, the country may have hope that everything Clinton will go away and hide, including those unethical, immoral people who worked for her.