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Monday, December 19, 2016

It's all Huma's fault?

It wasn't the cute way Hillary called half of America a "basket of deplorables." It wasn't the way Hillary spoke, or rather yelled her messages out to the public, sounding angry even when she was pushing out a hard smile.

It wasn't even her failure to do her job as secretary of state when the Benghazi complex was attacked and four brave Americans died, after over 600 requests for more security by one of the victims, Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Nor was it Hillary's fault that she kept a private email server that she was not authorized to have and which violated the Espionage Act, and was probably hacked by the Russians.

And James Comey? Well, he didn't help matters but it wasn't his fault that he waited until he had all the latest information on Hillary's email before announcing it just days before the election.

No. It was all Huma Abedin's fault.

While some of Clinton's top advisers blamed the Russians with election interference, Hillary's inner circle, in the so-called "Hillaryland" orbit, are blaming Huma Abedin for Clinton's loss in the election. A loss, by the way, that puts the "freude" in schadenfreude. 

"The real anger is toward Hillary's inner circle," a Clinton insider told Vanity Fair for its Wednesday feature. "They reinforced all the bad habits."

It's bad enough that poor Huma is still married to that scuzzbucket, Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner. And that poor Huma's family is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. And that poor Huma was an editor for a Muslim magazine that opposed women's rights. But to blame her for Hillary Clinton's failure as a presidential candidate?

When is Clinton going to take responsibility for her palpable incompetence? For her massive suckworthiness?