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Saturday, December 3, 2016

ISIS uses rain to shower and attack Iraqi militias

Islamic State used the rain to their advantage by staging near simultaneous attacks on state-sanctioned militias west and south of Mosul in the north. The bad weather kept U.S. fighter jets grounded and the jihadists used the opportunity to attack.

One official said ID breached Shiite defenses at a village west of Tal Afar. The official was reached by phone and said the attack of the village of Sharea (pronounced 'Sharia') took place Friday and fighting continued into Saturday.

On Saturday, an IS statement said the village attack began with a suicide car bombing that killed and wounded "dozens" of militiamen. It added that a "multi-pronged" attack on the village followed, forcing the militiamen to flee.

As is their wont, the militiamen left behind all-terrain vehicles fitted with machine guns, two Humvees, weapons, munitions and a partridge in a pear tree. When the Iraqi militiamen run, they run light. Their motto is: "Run away, run away, and live to run another day."

The second attack targete a Sunni tribal militia in the town of Shirqat south of Mosul on Friday night. There are no detais as yet regarding the outcome.

Bad weather persisted in northern Iraq on Saturday. The fog was so thick, you could make Mohammad likeness molds out of it. There were downpours and a dust storm making it virtually impossible to find your contact lenses if you dropped them, and for planes to fly safely to support the militiamen.