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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Female suicide bomber uses 3 child decoys to blow herself up for ISIS

What appeared to be a female suicide bomber blew herself up for ISIS, using 3 children as decoys. This is how sick these people are--believing somehow that this will earn them a trip to Paradise. 

Women suicide bombers isn't a new occurrence, but it's now feared that more women, particularly in Libya (where being dead or living in Libya is an oxymoron) are dressed to kill as the fighting intensifies. 

Some are being forced or cajoled by ISIS into donning the suicide vest--perhaps being told that it goes well with the burqa--but some are convinced they are doing Allah's work. 

U.S.-backed Libyan forces are on the cusp of taking full control of Sirte (pronounced like a single breath mint) a former Islamic State stronghold after a six-month-long campaign.

There is just one more patch of land near the city's sea front by the Mediterranean that is still being held by the terrorists, but troops are being cautious due to the situation as families and captives are being held hostage.

On Friday, there was a pause in the fighting. A Reuters journalist witnessed a woman escorting three young children through an alleyway toward waiting Libyan forces. The kids were hungry and appeared malnourished and were thus allowed 'safe passage' by the Libyan fighters.

The children were taken away by ambulance and there came an explosion as the woman detonated explosives, wounding about 12 people and totally screwing up any chances she might have had at modeling. 

The Herald reported that in fact there were two women suicide bombers in the incident, masquerading as civilians surrendering to Bunyan Marsous troops. They say that four soldiers were killed along with the dozen injured as mentioned.

Rida Issa, a spokesman for the Libyan forces, said two similar suicide attacks took place as women and children were leaving the ISIS-held ground. In those attacks, 4 were killed and 38 wounded.

There was a lull in the fighting earlier this week but Libyan forces have resumed heavy artillery fire on Islamic State positions. US air strikes have also continued but IS has mostly held its ground and retook control of one row of bombed out buildings. Since Thursday, the US has flown 470 air strikes on Sirte.

Issa said field commanders noticed especially fierce resistance from one of the buildings still held by the scumcrumpets and believes that senior jihadists might be holed up in it.

Several groups of hostages or families have been freed or escaped from IS in Sirte, some of them are migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who were captured by IS as they crossed Libya.

"The investigation will tell us whether these women were fighting with Daesh (Islamic State in Arabic and as John Kerry calls them) or if they were captives" Issa said of those who escaped Friday.