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Sunday, December 25, 2016

German politician gets head stuck in nether regions

Germany -- A politician prevented the police from publishing photos of the Berlin jihadi who mowed down Christmas shoppers with a truck. The reason: he feared the photos would incite "racial hatred."

So let's get this straight: if an Islamic extremist is on a mission to kill people, we don't want to put his photo out in public because it might spark racial hatred and lead people to dislike Muslims.

The idiot in question is Till Steffen.

In an article by Dave Burke (writing for Mailonline, Dec. 23, 2016) entitled: "He's more concerned about Facebook comments than catching a terrorist: German politician faces resignation calls after preventing police sharing image of Berlin truck killer," he says:
A German politician is facing calls to resign over allegations that he prevented police from sharing pictures of the Berlin truck terrorist when he was at large.
Reports in Germany claim that Till Steffen prevented law enforcers in Hamburg from releasing pictures of Anis Amri, despite him being the most wanted man in the world after Monday's terror attack. 
Amri, 24, was named as a suspect on Wednesday after his wallet was found in the lorry which ploughed into a crowd of people at a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 people.
It has been alleged that Steffen, who is head of the judicial authority in Hamburg, prevented the pictures being circulated because he feared sharing images of Islamist terror suspects will incite racial hatred. 
Newspaper Bild reported that police were able to give a description of the killer, but not show the public what he looked like because of privacy concerns.
Insiders claim he was worried the pictures of terror suspects incite racial hatred. 
Joachim Lenders, chairman of Hamburg's regional police force, is quoted by Bild stating: 'It is incomprehensible that investigating authorities are thrown such truncheons.'
The Green politician, who is head of the judicial authority in Hamburg, only granted an exception after a call from the newspaper, following a 12 hour delay, it reports.

Steffen's phobia of being accused of having Islamophobia is exactly what Islamic extremists invented the word for in the first place.

Steffen needs to either resign or be thrown out of office by the scruff of his neck. But to do that, first his head needs to be removed from his nether regions.