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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Feminist says cats fight toxic masculinity

According to a rather unsightly-looking Australian feminist professor, cats are an excellent choice in dealing with toxic masculinity. 

What is toxic masculinity?

It appears to be any sort of masculinity that isn't feminine, such as the modern day 'masculinity' displayed by "Pajama Boy." 

Dr. Heather Fraser of Flinders University (GO KOALAS! BEAT THE KANGAROOS!) has been researching "feline masculinities." This requires laborious hours spent looking at men and their kitties on Istagram. 


According to this loon, "aspects of orthodox masculinity" hampered men from allowing themselves to express their love for cats, she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. That same orthodox masculinity has been correlated with misogyny and violence, she claimed.

However, of late there is a growing number of so-called men posting photos of themselves and their beloved kitties snuggling and hugging and whatever for the camera, and Fraser said, as she shed a small tear, "that's a beautiful thing."

"I like to see men defying the narrow straight-jackets of the "he-men" of the past. In amongst all this, it's also fun, it's good," she giggled. "And it allows boys that are growing up to have better relationships with cats and, by extension, other kinds of creatures." 

For one day these boys will look in the mirror and see that they are still boys.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation quoted a recent study that claims men who own cats are more likely to "identify as 'a bit of an intellectual,' more likely to vote Green Party, and less likely to play sports."

How hot is that, girls?

Oh, I almost forgot. Just because someone 'identifies as a bit of an intellectual' doesn't make him an intellectual, anymore than a white guy identifying as a black woman make him a black woman. 

But what's biology to liberals anyway but an inconvenient truth.