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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Angry First Lady on Oprah speaks gloom and doom

The end of the world is upon us--I hate when that happens. 

It's especially troubling when our leaders or their wives confirm our worst fears . . . we are all going to die, or something worse, Barack Obama is no longer going to be our president.

Angry First Lady Michelle Obama is saying to us all that we have lost hope now that Donald Trump has become our next president after all that "hope and change" her impotent husband promised.

"We feel the difference now," she said on Oprah Winfrey, forgetting that Donald Trump was voted in as president and he is who America wants leading the country instead of another term of her husband's failed socialism. "What do you do if you don't have hope, Oprah?" she asked.

I say leave the country. Go. Get your lazy fat butt on a plane and never come back. Take your useless husband with you too.

The full interview is scheduled for Monday on CBS-TV and will be brought to you by Planned Parenthood, an Obama-funded corporation, and Untied Barf Bags, "the barf bag with a handy string."