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Monday, December 12, 2016

Fed. judge rejects PA recount bid

The Green Party-backed push for a presidential election recount in key battleground states in which Hillary Clinton lost, was dealt a blow by a federal judge, rejecting their nonsensical request to recount paper ballots in the Keystone State, aka Pennsylvania. The request was to also scan some county systems for signs of hacking.

But the only hacking one gets with paper ballots is the hacking down of trees to make the paper. 

The anemic Green Party has also tried to get recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin, and although the Wisconsin recount is nearly done, a federal judge halted Michigan's recount last week. This is another setback for Jill Stein and her cohorts.

U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond said there existed 6 grounds for rejection of the Green Party lawsuit, which had been opposed by Donald Trump, the Pennsylvania Republican Party and the Pennsylvania attorney general's office.

Diamond wrote that suspicion of a hacked Pennsylvania election "borders on the irrational."

"Most importantly, there is no credible evidence that any 'hack' occurred, and compelling evidence that Pennsylvania's voting system was not in any way compromised," he wrote, and added that the lawsuit suffered from a lack of standing, potentially the lack of federal jurisdiction and an "unexplained, highly prejudicial" wait before filint last week's lawsuit, four weeks after the November 8th election. 

The lawyers for Stein and company aren't sure if they're going to appeal "But one thing is clear," said the lawyer Ilann Maazel, "The Pennsylvania election system is not fair to voters and voters don't know if their votes counted, andthat's a very large problem."

No, the very large problem is from people like Stein who put doubts in our election system and only do it to fill the coffers of her leftist party whose only real global ideas come from their relationship with plants.