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Monday, December 12, 2016

Congressman-sore loser begs Electoral College to block Trump

A Democratic lawmaker who believes that law only applies when it concurs with his thinking, is lobbying like a desperate crack addict trying to score. He wants the Electoral College to shun Trump and vote for Clinton, the nation's most dishonest incompetent politician. 

Rep. James Himes (D--Conn.) conceded on Monday that the Republicans won the election "fair and square," but he isn't happy about the result and wants things to go his way or he may need to spend the next 4 years (at least) in a safe space.

The whining from Himes comes just a week before the Dec. 19 vote, which is supposed to (and is expected to) affirm the election results whereby Trump beat Clinton with 306 Electoral College votes.

Calling people like Himes a "lawmaker" is an oxymoron.

Himes appeared on the Clinton News Network's (CNN's) "New Day." He said that Trump's refusal to say the Russians hacked Democrats during the election was what prompted his plea to the Electoral College.

Since it isn't fact that they did hack into the Democrats emails, but an educated guess or assumption, Trump has every reason to refuse to say they did. 

What people like Himes doesn't understand is the more they attack Trump with their sore-loser whiney balderdash, the more people who weren't necessarily all "Trumped up" are going to be. The Democrats hate the idea of the Electoral College because it provides the flyover states with some say in the election results, rather than it mostly coming from the more populated states, particularly on the coasts. 

Himes claimed that Trump isn't qualified to be "mayor of a small town in Cnnecticut." 

Himes, to his 'credit',  has a 100% rating regarding pro-choice with Planned Parenthood and believes that any baby at any time can be killed before it comes out of the mother. 

He disgusts me.