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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Very Merry Democratic Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Democratic Senate leadership. You'll find pink slips on your desk--don't let the door hit you . . .

Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck "Nostrils" Schumer, cousin to foul-mouth Amy, isn't feeling so good now that his party, particularly Hillary Clinton, got their collective tushes kicked. Not only did Hillary lose the presidential election, on the electoral votes, she lost 5 more to Trump's 2--so she lost twice.

So, shoot the messengers. Or, at least blame them for your failures. 

Nearly every member of the Senate Democratic Media Center has been fired, a senior Democratic aide told Fox News. Chucky swung the axe on Friday, as staffers some with decades of experience were given the old "heave-ho" by the party that really cares about "the folks."

The firings come amid plans to revamp the unit that handles video content. The fact that the Democrats not only lost the presidential race to a guy with funny hair and the vocabulary of Dora the Explorer, they failed to capture the House and the Senate and lost state legislative races all across this beautiful country of ours.

The loose-tongue aide said that Chucky decided Senate Democrats would need to come up with sharper, more creative digital content. [If only they had done that during the campaign, Hillary would have won, and the Democrats would be in the position to bring this country to its collective knees.]

Of course, part of the problem is that the party is run by the "Coastie Elites." They are the taxpayer-made wealthy and are as connected to the working class people as Hillary is connected to the truth.

Regarding the heartless firings, a senior Democratic aide said, "As a result, we are bringing in new people with expertise in digital videos and content for Facebook [aka "Fakebook"] Twitter, and other social media. The mission of the revamped SDMC will be to produce more content to make content more creative and catchy, and to do so faster than we've been able to do in the past."

Perhaps they'll be able to come up with catchy Hillary jingles for 2020.
"She has her own bus and her own uterus, 'cause she's Hiiiiillary, sweet Hiiiillary She will speak for a fee, 'cause she doesn't come free, yes she's Hiiiiillary, Hiiiillary"
But maybe not.

So the holidays are here and the firings are in, and Schumer has "cleaned house." Ho, ho, ho. While we don't know exactly how many Democrats were fired because they had flawed candidates with old worn out ideas, we know it was a substantial number.

A Republican Senate aide called the timing of the firings "brutal."

"Job creation has never been a strength of the Democrats, but firing staffers just days before the holidays so they can play catch-up is pretty brutal,' the aide said.

I call it "liberal."