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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump-scared Iran violates the plan

So Iran demands the U.S. adhere to the Iran nuclear deal the same day it violates its limits--how cute.

According to a report from UN monitors on Wednesday, Iran violated one of the terms of the nuclear deal--they exceeded a limit on their heavy water stockpile. Ironically, the terrorist funding nation demanded that the US stick to the deal, under all circumstances.

The confidential report was seen by the Associated Press, coming right on the heels after the rogue nation actually issued a warning to us once the our elections results were in. President elect Trump had repeatedly said that the Iran deal was "the worst deal ever negotiated," leading one to surmise that the Ayatollah is worried that Trump may actually quash the deal.

Tehran had announced plans to export 5.5 tons of heavy water to an unspecified country (probably a country that specializes in terrorism) bringing it back under the limit, but didn't say which country would get the shipment.

It's noteworthy that this is not the first time Iran has failed to meet its part in the deal--they blew it back in February and they will likely blow it again.

Iran's armed forces chief of staff, Gen. Mohammad (Mo) Hossein Bagheri, criticized Trump's harsh words about confronting Iranian boats in the Persian Gulf [after all, they're just taking our sailors hostage] Fars news agency reported.

"The person who has recently achieved power, has talked off the top of his head! Threatening Iran in the Persian Gulf is just a joke" [like those celebrity fools who claim they're going to move to other countries because Trump got elected], General Mo said. 

Gen. Mo also said that American presidential candidates during their campaigns "eat too much sugar," a Farsi proverb referring to people who speak nonsense.

Trump made it clear in September, after Iran provoked us on several occasions, that Iranian ships that provoke the U.S. "will be shot out of the water."

It's clear to most of us that the real nonsense is coming from Iran thinking they can do what they will to our military without an equal or greater response.