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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hypocrisy TV

Chris Matthews of MSNBC said that President Obama should deny conservative media outlets press credentials to the White House press briefings because of how they covered the presidential election and because they say really negative things about him and Hillary Clinton.

Matthews was particularly upset with Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity, calling him a "rabid Trump supporter who has spread lies and hate" adding that there is "no place for bigoted, racist, xenophobic, alt right white men" on TV [spreading their venom against the greatest president who ever lived].

In order to pacify this situation, Fox News should be denied White House access, he argued to his audience. 

Matthews called the media "abusive" and said they are totally wrong about Hillary Clinton. "She is the most honest person I know," said the man who got tingles when Obama was elected. 

The MSNBC newsman worried before the election that if Hillary won, the crazy conservatives would burn down Washington.

Everything in italics is false. 

On the other hand, Sean Hannity of Fox News attacked Megyn Kelly for supporting Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, a charge she denied. 

Hannity had a guest on his show claiming that Hillary Clinton is an "evil, bi-sexual sex freak." He went on to describe how he would get men and women for her sexual pleasure.

Hannity also claimed that Michelle Obama deleted tweets praising Hillary Clinton during the email scandal implying that she wanted to distance herself from Hillary. This proved to be a false claim.

He also said the "abusively biased media was so wrong about Trump," but Matthews may have hinted at it, but never made that claim, nor did he say that Hillary is the most honest person he knows.

Now Hannity wants to refuse press credentials to all the media who attacked him during the campaign.

Is that really any different than what the left loves to do to us?

It's a very real possibility that Trump won the election because people are smarter than Hannity gives them credit for--they often can see through the muck and mire of their bias and make good decisions. Sometimes even the left can too--they became so apathetic in general over Clinton that many didn't even vote.

But Hannity is way out of line suggesting that some of the press should be banned from covering the White House.  He is unfair and unbalanced.

Sometimes it feels like Hannity is nothing more than a conservative version of Chris Matthews without the tingles.