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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dem mayors want dem illegal immigrants

Liberal mayors in seven major cities have reaffirmed their commitments to break the law by sheltering illegal aliens from federal law enforcement after President-elect Trump said he'd block federal funding for these so-called "sanctuary cities."

While liberals pretend to be the moral party, they are not--they are protecting unvetted foreigners from being held accountable for their actions and leaving innocent Americans vulnerable to some of the miscreants who come here.

Although sanctuary cities vary in their policies, what generally happens is that local police refrain from working along with federal authorities who would identify and deport those who have broken local laws, except in cases where serious crimes have been committed.

Democratic mayors in cities such as: New York, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Providence, R.I. said they would challenge Trump (and evidently the U.S. Constitution) on his attempt to crack down on illegal immigration.

San Francisco would lose a billion dollars annually from the federal government, and the way Democrats run things, it would screw things up even more. The plan these mayors may have is to blame Trump for their dire straits and the gullible liberals will believe that.

The Trump administration would have greater ability to slow down or even suspend the allocation of discretionary grants, especially those related to criminal justice and dispensed by the Justice Department or the Department of Homeland Security, according to Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law professor at George Washington University.

Turley believes that "there's a great deal the Trump administration could do to carry out the threat." He said that Trump's administration could steer more grant money to cities that cooperate with federal immigration laws, but added that cities could take the administration to court to fight it.

Some city officials argue, "It's not my job, man," regarding how immigration laws sows distrust between illegal immigrant communities and the police.

L.A. doesn't turn over illegal immigrants arrested for low-level (illegal) behavior known as crimes to ICE. You practically have to kill someone before they think about deporting you. Philadelphia allows illegal aliens to commit non-violent crimes (by their definition) before turning them in to ICE. 

What's clear is that Democratic mayors and other authorities believe that their definition of what is moral trumps (no pun intended) the law. That's why nothing was done about "Kate's Law" proposed by Bill O'Reilly of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor." 

Kate's law would demand:
 1. a 10-year maximum prison term for an alien who reenters the U.S. after being denied admission, excluded, deported, or removed on 3 or more prior occasions; and
2. a 5-year mandatory minimum prison term for an alien who reenters after being removed following a conviction for an aggravated felony or following 2 or more prior convictions for illegal entry.
The law was voted down by the Democrat majority Senate when it failed to reach a supermajority needed to defeat a filibuster (60 votes).

The law should be considered a "no brainer" but the liberal brainless refused to pass it.