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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Delusional man who believes he's a woman tries suicide again

Kansas City, Mo. -- Chelsea Manning, a man whose given name was Bradley which he changed to Chelsea because he has gender identity confusion, tried to off himself for the second unsuccessful time.

Manning is in prison for leaking classified information to WikiLeaks, a website that reveals classified information and compromises countries and people's lives. 

The disgraced transgender soldier had tried to kill himself back in July and was put into solitary confinement as punishment. This made him sad.

His attorneys, Vincent Ward and Chase Strangio gave the news of this suicide attempt to the press but declined to discuss the details of last month's attempt. However, it is safe to say that there is no change in Manning's mental status as he continues to believe he's a woman and would like his penis removed and inverted to provide himself with visual evidence.

Although his lawyers will not discuss the suicide, they did talk about his prison conditions, including a solitary confinement that exacerbated his fragile mental state. 

In an email to the AP, Strangio called 'her' treatment since 'her' 2010 arrest and subsequent time serving a mere 35-year sentence instead of a capital sentence, "demoralizing and destabilizing assaults on [her] health and humanity."

Perhaps if political correctness was avoided and real mental health interventions were tried, he wouldn't try to kill himself. 

But referring to transgender men by the opposite pronoun is an abuse of logic. Biologically, Manning is a man--it is only "on paper" that he's a 'her', and biology is a fact, not delusions.

If Manning thought that he was a rhesus monkey in human flesh, would we treat him like a monkey just to be PC?

Personally, I don't like traitors and I don't give a damn that Manning feels demoralized. Manning was arrested in 2010 and convicted in 2013 for leaking over 700,000 highly classified documents of the military and the State Department to WikiLeaks. 

What he did was seditious and in times of war, the death penalty would have been the punishment.

But insofar as assaulting his health, both physical and mental, I believe there are better interventions than simply going along with a delusion--and that goes for all people who believe they are not the gender that biology has assigned to them. 

Psychotherapy is the best way to go, but even the field of psychology and psychiatry have become politicized and what was once called "gender identification disorder" is now called "gender dysphoria" because the authors of the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Revision) were pressured into 'normalizing' the delusion of gender indentification confusion.

And politicizing diagnoses is a load of bull.

In spite of that, the ACLU sued the U.S. Department of Defense over its refusal to "treat" Manning's gender dysphoria. They wanted the DoD to pay for the surgically removal of Manning's penis and make it look like a vagina as a way to treat his mental problem.