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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Chubby Kim cautions Trump against hostile acts

Now that the children had their say as to what they want from Donald Trump as the incoming POTUS, North Korea is now having its say laid out in a nine page statement.

The statement was carried by the official Korea Central News Agency and it claims the President Obama's administration has gone out of its way to "overthrow" the pudgy dictator Kim Jong-un and his country.

It accused Obama of "constantly heaping malicious slander and criticism on the DPRK" and said Kim's government pursued an "aggressive and heinous 'strategic suffocation' policy."

The almost comical memo argued that in the 5 years since the death and rise to heaven of its late, great leader, Kim Jong-il, North Korea has been in an all-out confrontation with the US to cope with growing hostile intent and nuclear threats.

"The anachronistic hostile policy and nuclear threat that the US has enforced with unprecedented recklessness against the DPRK (North Korea) have only provoked its just and righteous countermeasures for self-defense," the memo read.
Failed space launch?

In response to the narrative that they made up about us, the North Korean military has tested two extremely controversial nuclear weapons tests and made constant 'war' threats to South Korea and the West. [Kind of like a frightened guy cursing out a bigger guy to scare him into not fighting.]

The state-run media outlet claimed we tried to scare them with threats of a pre-emptive nuclear strike and constant large-scale maneuvers. 

Well, what do they really expect when it's obvious they're working their fat tails off trying to develop a nuke that can reach California?

North Korea also claims that US-led sanctions deprived them of their "legitimate right to peaceful development of outer space and its buildup of self-defensive nuclear deterrence."

I can't wait to see how President Trump will deal with Corpulent Kim.