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Monday, November 14, 2016

Chicago defies Trump: will remain sanctuary city

Chicago-Ill -- The city of Chicago is pledging to remain a sanctuary city to protect undocumented immigrants from having to worry about the law. The law will apparently apply only to actual citizens. Symbolically, this is Chicago "flipping the bird" to President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump has promised to cut off federal funding from all sanctuary cities where local law enforcement isn't required to alert U.S. Immigration and Customs authorities about the immigration status of illegal aliens. 

This makes perfect sense to the left seeing as how they believe they're doing the Lord's work, even when these illegal immigrants break the law and sometimes people die.

On Monday, the city's elected officials, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel, are scheduled to hold a news conference to formally discuss how they plan to retain their sanctuary status. Aldermen are expected to call on Republican Governor Bruce Rauner to pressure Trump to go back on his promise to cut off funding.

"Across the country and in Chicago and Illinois . . . young men and women [are] very distraught about this," Chicago Alderman Danny Solis told POLITICO Illinois on Sunday.

Solis, who doesn't have a lot of respect for anyone who doesn't think exactly his way said, "There's some people, thought I disagree with them, but I have some respect for--Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus. I'm hoping that those guys have much more influence on Trump and what needs to be done not only on his first 100 days, but in his term."

Illinois Comptroller-elect Susana Mendoza, whose parents are legal Mexican immigrants and didn't have to compete with illegal Mexican immigrants for her job, called on Rauner to take a stand on the issue.

Mendoza doesn't think losing federal funding is a good idea for Chicago. "As a leader of this state, the governor, and everyone in a leadership position, should be saying it's wrong," she said. "I would expect that the governor would say, 'that's ridiculous.' Besides moral bankruptcy, it's bad fiscal policy for the city or any city."

Emanuel said in a statement: "I want to assure all of our families that Chicago is and will remain a sanctuary city. Chicago has been a city of immigrants since it was founded. We have always welcomed people of all faiths and backgrounds [including felons and potential terrorists] and while the administration will change, our values and our commitment to inclusion will not."

They call it 'inclusion' if those they're including vote Democratic.

As it now stands, other cities have affirmed their commitment to remaining illegal sanctuary cities: New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, and San Francisco [where Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal alien].

In a "60 Minutes" interview, Trump promised to immediately deport 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants, and has yet to comment on unlicensed pharmacists (aka drug dealers).