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Friday, October 21, 2016

WikiLeaked: What Huma implied about Clinton's Moroccan trade-off

Hillary Clinton was questioned about charges of "pay to play" at the Clinton Foundation in the first presidential debate and, as is her wont, she was an artful dodger. But within hours after the debate, WikiLeaks produced a new load of emails depicting her at the center of negotiating a $12 million commitment from King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

Ironically, it wasn't Putin or Trump or a guy named Harmon Glunk who made the charge; it was Hillary's most loyal aide, Huma Abedin. 

Huma described the connection in an email exchange from January of last year with John Podesta and Robby Mook.

Abedin, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Carlos Danger (aka Anthony Weiner) wrote that "this was HRC's idea" in regard to her speaking at a meeting of the Clinton Foundation (aka Clinton Global Initiative) in Morocco in May of 2015. The purpose of Hillary's going there to "speak" was to finagle a $12 million commitment from King Mo.

"She created this mess and she knows it," Huma wrote to Hillary's henchmen, Mook and Podesta. 

The 'mess,' in part was how her three advisers wanted her to have no part in the speaking engagement as she was getting ready to launch her presidency campaign. They believed it would likely raise questions about her role at the foundation and be viewed as a serious conflict of interest should she become "THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!" as she puts it so loudly.

The month prior to the speaking engagement, Politico reported that the Clinton Foundation was accepting a "major donation" of no less than $1 million from a Moroccan government-owned company, OCP, a phosphate exporter. The report said that it would be "unlikely" that Hillary would attend the event the following month as she had just began her campaign (to the chagrin of informed voters who have her number, so to speak).

As it turned out, the influence peddling came to $12 million and Hillary almost passed out from the shock (as she is also wont to do). 

She struggled with her decision about whether she should stay or go and this was due to the fact that her role with lining the coffers of her foundation was a lot bigger than the public knew--emphasizing the distinction between what she says publicly versus what she says privately.

As early as January, Robby Mook indicated that Hillary was wrestling over whether to attend the event--her advisers worried about how it would look in terms of her involvement with the foundation and its fundraising.

The email subject line was: "FYI CGI Africa." The CGI being the Clinton Global Initiative. The email was sent to Podesta and Abedin around the same time Carlos Danger was also online sending something else to young women who would have him.

"Came up on our call with HRC," Mook wrote. "John flagged the same issues we discussed, Huma. HRC said she's sitll (sic) considering."

Huma later replied that King Mohammed would be totally pissed off if Hillary pulled out. She wrote: "Just to give you some context, the condition upon which the Moroccans agreed to host the meeting was her participation. If hrc was not part if (sic) it, meeting was a non-starter."

Perhaps King Mo had 'a thing' for Hillary, but he sure wanted her there.

It turns out that the idea for the event to be held in Morocco was Hillary's. "This was HRC's idea, our office approached the Moroccans and they 100 percent believe they are doing this at her request," Abedin wrote. "The King has personally committed approx $12 million both for the endowment and to support the meeting."

The big question now is what did Morocco and other donors to the Clinton Foundation get for their money? 

Possibly the first female president that money could buy.