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Friday, October 21, 2016

Hillary's 'loose lips' sink ships

Hillary Clinton's not very bright judging from her latest screwup of her handling sensitive information (aka "protected information"). 

Thankfully, she only told the information to a mere 70 million people in the USA, and it's highly unlikely that Russia, China, North Korea or any other enemy of the United States watched the third and final presidential debate on Fox News Network.

But if they did watch the debate and paid attention, our enemies would now know that it takes four minutes from the time the president makes the call to use nuclear weapons to their actual launch. 

The little "slip of the tongue" was generated amid questions regarding the fitness of Clinton and Trump to hold the nuclear codes. Intelligence operatives and others later informed Fox News that the level of detail about nuclear response times is "protected information."

"The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed," Clinton said. "There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so."

Dan Maguire, a former strategic planner with Africom and having 46 years of combined service told Fox News that "Whether the four minutes is accurate or not, anything having to do with response capability is generally classified." He then added: "She has a tendency to use previous access and her position as secretary of state to give an appearance of knowledge to show she has the answers, rather than protect the information."

That is because Hillary Clinton is an idiot when it comes to national security.

A statement by a former Navy SEAL officer said that Hillary's statement appears to be a "direct violation of US national security protocols and governing law. Our country has no greater secrets than those that protect our strategic nuclear deterrence capability."

Clinton was making the point by using the information that ten people who have had the responsibility of carrying out such a presidential order are backing her. And of course, the Clinton campaign is also backing her--one senior official in the campaign provided Fox News with published reports detailing response times.

However, intelligence experts and the same former Navy SEAL as well as former senior intelligence officials said that the mere fact the response time has been reported in academic documents does not authorize government officials who hold a security clearance, or had previous access to classified information, to discuss it publicly.

The former Navy SEAL said that Clinton's statement "now validates with specificity something of great sensitivity that has long been speculated by our adversaries and others in the national arena, including academics and think tanks."

But have no fear, Hillary .  .  .  James Comey knows you weren't being malicious against the United States when you gave our enemies important strategic information about our nuclear response time. You only wanted to sound smarter than Donald Trump. 

Just because you probably violated an operational security known as OPSEC by referencing the four-minute time line and took about as much care with your personal illegal server, is nothing to worry about. After all, as Comey might say, no reasonable prosecutor would indict you even if you murdered Donald Trump on national TV . . . as long as it wasn't Fox News.

Finally, the fact that Hillary Clinton gave a four-minute time line to the world is no reason to believe what she said is true. After all, her lips were moving when she said it.