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Monday, October 31, 2016

The mentally ill Islamic State's plan to kill children

You can call them terrorists or extremists or jihadists, and you wouldn't be wrong. But the scumcrumpets of ISIS are evil, pure unadulterated evil, heartless human garbage. 

Beyond that, they are also mentally ill.

The Islamic State fighters are engineering toys to attact young children, scattering them on the streets of Mosul, and when the children pick them up to play with them they explode. The toys are purposely made to kill children.

The toys and other IEDs have been put on display at a training center for locally-based bomb disposal experts. 

The U.S. military estimates the Islamic State has as many as 5,000 fighters inside the city of Mosul and between 1,500 and 2,500 in defensive positions around the city, and of these jihadists, about 1,000 of them are believed to be foreign fighters.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that people who join ISIS have a blood lust that is seriously pathological and Islamic jihad gives them a "legitimate" outlet for their illness. Anyone willing to kill an innocent child for the sake of religion is sick and evil.