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Monday, October 31, 2016

Migrants "occupy" street of Paris after cops clean up their mess

A surge in the number of migrants camped out in the streets of Paris has created problems for the 'City of Lights.' Paris police began destroying migrants' tents after hordes arrived from the Calais "Jungle" last week.

Over 20 armed riot cops arrived at a ramshackle camp in northern Paris before dawn, cordoned off two streets while workers piled tents and mattresses onto garbage trucks. But within a few hours, the cops left and the migrants were back and began pitching tents in the area that was cleaned.

The area is reminiscent of Wall Street when Occupy Wall Street anarchists were making a mess and totally disrespecting the neighborhood. About 2,500 migrants are supposed to be cleared from the streets of Paris this week, according to interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

The most upsetting part of this occupation is that the migrants are angry at authorities who brought in trucks to remove their messes--reminding us once again of Occupy Wall Street.

"The first priority is to determine how many migrants are eligible to go to reception centers," Cazeneuve said (in French). Those who don't seek asylum in France are likely to be deported.

Shahid Khan, 23, an Afghan who left his beautiful country to form a new caliphate in the West said: "This is not the first time they have come and taken our tents and sleeping bags and mattresses."

Mahmud, from Eritrea, a country that has yet to put an Olympic diving team together, was among hundreds of migrants who have arrived in Paris from Calais where the "Jungle" camp was bulldozed last week. "We need help," he said. "I have filled out papers to stay in France--why are they doing this? If they want me to go to a reception center, I will go."

They are doing "this" because they don't like the idea of people living on the streets where they trash and stink up the neighborhood with everything from chicken bones to feces--like Occupy Wall Street.

Mahmud went on: "If we apply to stay here, what guarantee do we have that we will be accepted? If our fingerprints are taken, we will be on file here and we will not be given asylum in any other courtry. Our dream is to go to England."

And England's dream is to fully and finally exit the EU and be left alone. They already have a migrant problem with the Muslim migrants who have created crime and 'no-go zones.' Theresa May has rejected France's President Hollande demand for Britain to take in about 1,500 child migrants from the Calais "Jungle" who are temporarily being sheltered in containers at the camp site. 

Since the influx of migrants to Paris, businesses have suffered and many have closed. Residents don't want to live in a neighborhood where they have to walk through camp towns where crime is high.

And France wants to share the problem they and Germany have accepted with Britain and other European nations.