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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sweden is mad as hell and is not going to take it anymore

It's nice to be nice, but Sweden is learning the hard way that being nice isn't always appreciated. 

Sweden's open-door immigration policy has disastrously eroded Europe's most liberal (aka stupid) nation as the Swedes turn their smiles upside-down and strike back at the violence they have been enduring since allowing in 'refugees' from troubled nations. There has been a sharp rise in sex crimes and violent attacks, and the Swedes have had just about enough.

Sweden has for years arrogantly viewed itself as a "humanitarian superpower." With open arms and blond hair they bid welcome to the hordes of mostly young men along with some women and kids who were fleeing war or being persecuted for not being "Islamic enough."

For the past year, their patience is wearing thin from the violence, horrible sex assaults and the death of Alexandra Mezher, 22, a social worker who was stabbed to death at an asylum center for unaccompanied children by a Somalian migrant claiming to be 15.

Mezher's mother, herself an immigrant from the Middle East said that "Immigration has destroyed Sweden."

Last year, the tiny country of only 9.8 million, accepted 163,000 asylum seekers, which included 35,400 unaccompanied children. This migrant influx was nearly ten times what it was the previous year.

And while Swedish government did its best to accommodate the migration, they were totally unprepared to deal with the huge rise in crime and abuse of the criminal system.

For a country that used to leave its doors unlocked, now they had to lock up their young daughters to protect them from gang rape and other crimes.

Just this past January, authorities finally admitted that there were no less than 70 girls in migrant centers who were child brides. This is not at all unusual in Islamic countries where their prophet, Mohammed, took a child bride when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she turned 9 years old.

Rape of children is commonplace and some officials worry that migrant children are slipping through the system because they lie about their age. Over 660 minors had to have their ages adjusted by officials last year.

Now the final shoe has fallen as Swedes are angry as hell over the belief that refugees have double the chance of landing a job than does a native Swede.

Who can blame them?

The Swedish Migration Board  keeps migrant center locations confidential because they worry about the possibility of violence against them. At one location, a note was posted on the door of a hotel that housed migrants saying: "This is the last warning. Leave our town."

Sadly, we will have the same problems here in the United States if Hillary Clinton is elected and carries out her insane plan to open our borders.