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Sunday, October 23, 2016

El Chapo cannot recall where he left some body

Ciudad, Juarez, Mexico -- Joaquin Guzman (aka "El Chapo" aka "Shorty") Mexican drug lord had a major legal setback in the fight to avoid extradition, his broken nosed lawyers appear to be preparing and argument that the poor guy is unfit to stand trial in the United States.      

El Chapo is feeling a little better since his drug lady wife Emma Coronel (she goes by her maiden name because she's a professional) visited him last week. However, the 'Chapster' is concerned about his mental health because his head hurts and he thinks he's experiencing memory loss because he cannot remember where he buried the body of his one-time, double-crossing bodyguard Jose Canusee.

Poor El Chapo's short-term memory is growing dimmer by the minute, he thinks, and in the prison where he is vacationing and running five cell blocks, the medical staff are only providing him with one-fourth of the anxiolytic medication (for anxiety) that has been prescribed by the doctors who ought to know better if they know what's good for them, his lawyer, Silvia Delgado said.

"He put a lot of emphasis on his health. He says he wouldn't make an attempt on his own life for the sake of his two (young) daughters, but he urged us to help him with his health," [and his escape] she said, after she visited the prison where he has been vegetating since May.

Andres Granados, a leader of El Chapo's defense team, told the media that the poor murdering drug lord could die by December if he continues to be mistreated inside the prison.

Personally, I'd like to meet the guy with the testicular fortitude to mess with El Chapo inside a Mexican prison. That's the dude they need to make a movie about.