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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Russia warns US, mocks Earnest on Syria

Russia has made it clear to the U.S. via Twitter that we better not interfere with their military operations in Syria or we discover that our aircraft could be targeted by their "air defense systems." In other words, if we mess around with them, they will shoot us down.

In a crotch-grabbing tweet Wednesday, the Russian embassy in Washington posted a photo of Josh Not-So- Earnest and the Russian S-300 missile system pointing at Obama's Press Secretary. The caption says Russia wants the system because they "never really know what kind of assistance terrorists might get." It goes on to say that Russia will take "every defensive measure necessary" to protect their personnel in Syria while they kill the rebels we support.

The U.S. and Russia suspended talks over the Syria operations and tensions between our two countries have increased over the civil war. Putin backs Bashar "The Chin" Assad and the U.S. backs the rebels who are trying to take out ISIS.

When asked what the Russians were alluding to, Earnest tried to laugh it off, but he looked uncomfortable as sweat poured out of his ears, down his cheeks, and his body shook like a paint mixing machine at Benjamin Moore.

"I have no idea what message they were trying to send. If they'd like better pictures, though, I'm happy to send some," Earnest said, alluding to naked selfies he often takes when preparing for a presser.

The photo coincides with recent threats made by Russian officials indicating that Moscow would respond militarily to any perceived interference as it increases its presence in Syria. The SA-23 Gladiator anti-missile system has been deployed in Syria-the first time it has been deployed outside of Russia. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov claims the system was sent to Syria merely to defend against attacks by terrorist organizations, including ISIS and Nusra.

The U.K. Russian embassy tweeted to poke fun at officials in the U.S. who view the anti-missile system as "concerning." The tweet said, "S-300 in Syria shouldn't frighten anyone. It's a defensive weapon. It cannot be more transparent."

Yes, as transparent as the Obama presidency and Clinton's emails.

Since ISIS and Nusra don't have air forces that would call for an anti-missile defense system, it's possible that Russia is "pulling a Hillary."

Russia has used air strikes supporting Assad's troops for over a year and Russian fighters bombed a UN convoy bringing aid to Aleppo on September 19th, but denied any responsibility this week as the Russian embassy in Canada blamed the attack on a "well-prepared hoax."

Since the talks fell apart, Russian embassies have been making fun of the U.S. role in Syria while bragging how tough they are militarily.

Obama must be preparing very strong words to counter-attack.