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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

POTUS debate drinking game

Donald and Hillary are set to square off once again unless Donald ducks the debate. If he does, he might as well kiss his chances goodbye, but I suspect he'll go the debating distance. In view of the fact that debates, even Trump debates, tend to grow weary on us. 

In order to make the next debate slightly more appealing and gain more attention, I have developed a drinking game that you and your friends can do at home while watching these curmudgeon senior citizens fight it out.

When Trump speaks:
1. Take one large gulp of whatever you're drinking every time he says any of these words: amazing, incredible or unbelievable, liar (or any variation thereof), China.
2. Finish whatever you're drinking if he uses the phrase: "believe me, folks." If he just says "believe me," you must take two big gulps.
Whenever Trump interrupts Clinton while she is speaking: take one medium sip.
3. If Trump uses a word with more than three syllables, take one large sip, then another.

When Clinton speaks:
1. Take one large gulp whenever she uses any of these words: misogynist, racist, tax(es), cheat, women (or any variation thereof), free, grand daughter, fairer, poor
2. Finish whatever you're drinking if she uses the phrase: "We're going to make the economy moving again." or "poor growing up."
Whenever Clinton interrupts Trump while he's speaking, take one large sip.
If Clinton spontaneously mentions the word "Benghazi," the game is over, both for you, and for Clinton. 
3. If Clinton tells an obvious truth, take one large sip, then another.

WARNING: this writer is not responsible for the results of this game and the accompanying intoxication that may result in playing it. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after or during the game and do not make any important life decisions.

Play wisely.