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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Khizr Khan verbally attacks Trump from mosque

Norfolk, Va. -- Khizr Khan, a Muslim-American whose son was killed in Iraq, held back tears, possibly elicited from pulling out several nose hairs, as he used his son's tragic death for political purposes. 

How Sharia of him.

Let me be clear: it is a tragic death and horrible to lose one's child in war or in any other way. Humayan Khan was an Army Captain and died a hero. His father, Khizr Khan is a lawyer who has historically advocated for sharia in the West.

Khan said that Donald Trump is peddling hate and no less than the "future of the earth" is at stake in the November 8th election. The entire freaking earth will be annihilated if Trump beats Hillary Clinton in just over a week. 

"There comes a time in an ordinary citizen's life where you have to gather all the courage you have and you stand up and speak against tyranny and speak against un-American hate," Khan said, as he referenced Trump's stand on Islamic immigration. 

Trump has vacillated from wanting a complete ban on Muslim immigrants entering the United States to "extreme" vetting that includes an ideological test for would-be immigrants from known terrorist countries and regions.

How terrible for Trump wanting to protect Americans from what we're witnessing already here and in the West.

Speaking on behalf of America, Khan said, "This hate is un-American."

Calling it 'hate' is un-American. Calling it 'vetting on behalf of national security' is much more accurate. Khan would never have gotten away with such nonsense had he said the same words on September 12, 2001. 

Trump is basing his proposals on what is happening throughout the Islamic world. You don't have to hate Muslims just because you want to protect your country from Islamic extremism. Anyone with at least average intelligence knows that all Muslims are not terrorists. But we also know that most terrorists today are Muslims.

Trump's response to Khan wasn't the brightest thing ever uttered by a presidential candidate. He told Khan that had he been president back then, his son would still be alive today. "I wouldn't have been in Iraq," Trump said, as he falsely insisted that he was against the Iraq War before it began. "Had I been president, Captain Khan would be alive today."

Khan was extremely angry: "This is the most cruel thing you can say to grieving parents."

Khan's second claim to fame was at the Democratic National Convention when he paid homage to his son and theatrically held up a pocket-size Constitution saying that Trump sacrificed "nothing." 

Khan's third claim to fame shows him in a new Hillary Benghazi Clinton campaign ad featuring him tearfully discussing his son's death. The campaign plans to air the advertisement in seven states.

Khan's first claim to fame came some years ago when he published his opinon that Sharia law overrules the US Constitution. I blogged about it in August here

Trina Phillips, chair of Military Spouses for Trump spoke to the Associated Press via phone. "I think the Khans have come out and used their Muslim background as a weapon to make him [Trump] seem more prejudiced against them." Her husband is an air traffic controller in the US Air Force.

"They're also using the death of their child as a weapon," she said, "and that's not very fair."

Khayriyyah Azeez, 63, supports Clinton. Her son, Kasib Azeez, a Navy sailor, prayed with Khan at the mosque after Khan's speech.

Speaking to the AP after the speech, Khan said the mosque was an appropriate place to stump for Clinton--I think most Americans would agree.