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Monday, October 31, 2016

Comey to comb Carlos Danger's laptop for Clinton emails

He lived the life of Danger
FBI Director James Comey's decision to break with policy, protect his reputation, and put it all out there on the line by revisiting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's private illegal email server case came from the discovery of exisitng Clinton-related emails in the Anthony Weiner sexting investigation. That isn't only serendipity, it's practically a runon sentence.

Yes, ex-New York Democratic Rep. Anthony ("They call me Carlos Danger") Weiner, who is now estranged from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, was being investigated by the FBI for sexting an alleged underage girl and making inappropriate suggestions of a sexual nature.

A government source told Fox News that the analysis of the metadate on the Weiner computer showed "positive hits for state.gov and HRC emails." This finding was what led Comey to revisit the investigation into Clinton's private illegal email server system while she was in the role of secretary of state. The information was confirmed by a second source.

The emails on the Weiner computer was purportedly the same device the deviant Weiner shared with his then wife and big fan of the Muslim Brotherhood, Abedin.

The Clinton campaign has argued that Comey hasn't mentioned whose names are on the documents or emails, but there are around 650,000 in total on the device. It's almost as if the Weiners had nothing better to do than send emails all day.

The metadata indentified the emails as state department and they didn't need to be read physically. This may not bode well for Huma, who is at wits end to figure out just how they got there (LOL) and it may be trouble for the Scandal Queen Madam Hillary.

Comey set the case back in motion after agents briefed him over what they found while investigating Mr. Danger. Comey then told Congress and the Clinton campaign lied that he only informed the GOP of the situation. 

Several sources now say that Comey knew about the Weiner laptop and emails prior to last week.

In July, Comey's agents wrapped up the year-long investigation, which Hillary lied about saying it was merely an "audit" of her emails. Comey said at that time that the FBI doesn't do audits. He said that she was "extremely careless" and that she used multiple devices and that some of her emails contained classified information.

As is her wont, she lied about the emails not being marked classified, then later lied that she didn't remember being briefed about how to handle classified material. And lied again when she said "good morning" to Wolf Blitzer of CNN.

Anyway, Comey followed up by saying investigators didn't find enough evidence that Clinton had mishandled classified information to recommend criminal charges and that no prosecutor would elect to indict her on charges. But the mere fact that she used a private server was reason enough to recommend indictment, but Comey chose politics over country.

It was just learned that a subpoena for the Weiner machine was issued late September and the machine was made available the following week. On Sunday, the FBI got a warrant to start the review of new emails potentially tied to the Clinton case.

Weiner's machine was handled carefully and agents wore gloves.

Weiner is said to be cooperating with investigators.

Huma Abedin told the FBI under oath that she provided them with all the devices related to Clinton's use of an illegal email server. If it is found that she was lying, as is the wont of the Clinton campaign almost to a man (and woman), Huma could be charged with perjury and serve up to five years in the can.

Comey is compelled to review the documents based on the volume of documents and his commitment under oath to Congress to review "any new and substantial information" in the case.

So while the Clinton campaign and every Democrat (that never knew an abortion they didn't like) praised Comey when he let Hillary off the hook in July, they made him out to be worse than Atilla the Hun when he revisited the case.

Go figure.