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Monday, October 3, 2016

ECU's Mental Midget Marching Band protests National Anthem

Nothing could be finer than the fans of East Carolina booing the Mental Midget Marching Band after several of their members refused to play the National Anthem. Still others did a Kaepernick and took a knee.

The disrespect took place October 1st at Dowdy-Ficklin Stadium. About twelve members of the band disgraced themselves on the field at the opening of the game, but at halftime, the fans had their say. The boos were palpable (the second time today I got to use that word).

Parents and students posted on the school's website saying they were ashamed of the school for allowing this behavior. One parent asked, "What are you teaching these kids? I believe the students have the right to protest but not on that field in uniform."

"What if those of us who write checks to the university stop sending them as our way of using our voice?" another reader asked.

ECU Chancellor Cecil Staton issued a statement defending the Mental Midget Marching Band's disgusting actions: "While we acknowledge and understand the disappointment felt by many Pirate fans in response to the events at the beginning of today's football game, we urge all Pirate students, supporters and participants to act with respect for each other's views." He went on the affirm "the rights of our students, staff and faculty to express their personal views."

Plans are on the drawing board for the ECU Conservative Club to coordinate a "Make America Great Again" halftime show along with a "Salute to Hotdogs and Summer."

The only way to get this crap to cease across the nation is to cut off your support, monetary and otherwise, to schools that allow public displays of anti-American propaganda. 

It's clear that this school chancellor would allow protest demonstrations to take place because he's obviously a leftist. But would he allow a "White Lives Matter" or "Blue Lives Matter" to take place at the halftime show?

The answer is obvious--it doesn't fit their agenda.